What is it?

Upload to FTP is an action for Automator. It allows you to easily upload files to your FTP server in any Automator workflow. It accepts files/folders and outputs a list of filenames for all the uploaded files.

All this happens in the background, so there's no message outputted to the user, if all goes well. If the FTP details are incorrect or the server is not available, a message will pop up.

Where to get it?

Download the latest version here: Upload to FTP v1.5 (51 KB)

The source code is also available to developers: Upload to FTP v1.5 Source Code (65 KB)

Please update if you have 1.4 installed. Certain functions in 1.4 were disabled due to carelessness on my account.

How do I use it?

There are numerous ways in which you can use this action. Here are a few examples. They can be found in the examples folder included with the distribution, too.

1. Upload to dropbox

A simple workflow to copy files to your web server and copying their URLs to the clipboard. Excellent for quickly posting files on your site.

This workflow works best when saved as a Finder plug-in.

2. Resize images and upload

A handy workflow to resize images for the web and upload them to your standard image folder on your server. It also copies the URLs of the resulting files to the clipboard, for easy inclusion in an HTML document, for example.

Note: this workflow copies the temporary images to a temporary folder. To get this to work, make sure the path the the folder is correct.

This workflow works best when saved as a Finder plug-in.

3. Back up to FTP

This workflow is designed to run as an iCal alarm. It could be set to run timely and make a copy of a certain set of files or a folder on your system. Just choose a folder and save the workflow as a plug-in of the type iCal Alarm.

4. Any way you can imagine

If you make a nice workflow and would like to share it with others, feel free to e-mail me and I'll include it in future distributions.

This action also works well in conjunction with my Make HTML Tags Automator action. If you place the Make HTML Tags after the Upload to FTP action, it enables you to quickly post images, media or regular files into HTML pages.

What's new in this version?

- Added support for proxy servers
- Added forced passive transfers

v1.3 (skipped a version there, not sure why...)
- Fixed a recursion bug - Many thanks to Tom Davies!

- Fixed a bug with some servers with line endings being appended to filenames
Thanks Marcel Rivard!

- A bug crept in to the last version - the directory, pasv and port entry fields weren't being used.